What is Urbanwalks?

Urbanwalks is a vehicle to get communities moving again. The company has a simple philosophy to get people enjoying more activity, more often in their everyday environment.

Urbanwalks are a physical activity solutions company and have over 18 years experience of working within both the public and private sector. Our product range has been designed to tackle the common barriers to being active and to practically support individuals to get their 5 x 30 minutes of physical activity per week.

With physical inactivity now recognised as a significant problem and increasing burden to society as a whole, Urbanwalks have tried to make it as easy as possible for any organisation to purchase simple but effective tailor made physical activity solutions.

Urbanwalks main focus is designing tailor-made walking routes for the community, workplace and school. The walking routes we have designed for the community include: urban, rural, parks, canal and health walks, which all aim to encourage the local community to become more active.

The walking routes for the workplace include lunchtime walks to help encourage employees to take a break away from their desk while being physically active. Urbanwalks also design active travel routes for the workplace as well as for conferences and schools with an aim to encourage the user to include walking as a mode of transport for all or part of their journey.

Urbanwalks also provides other products and services to help increase physical activity levels. Our product range includes home, office and school based exercise sheets, an activity motivator service as well as a physical activity consultancy service. Urbanwalks has all the products, skills and experience to help your organisation deliver simple but effective physical activity solutions.

For more information about our products, activity solutions and consultancy services, please call us on 0161 728 1607.