Walking Publications

Please find below downloadable and printable PDFs of three publications that Urbanwalks have featured in. All three have been Government documents published by the Department for Transport (2) and the Welsh Assembly Government.

Department for Transport: Walking and cycling: an action plan (Page 47)
The action plan sets out measures from across government to increase levels of active travel by creating places to walk and cycle in and influencing travel behaviour through training, education, marketing and promotion.

Published: 06 October 2004
Download: PDF (1MB)

Department for Transport: Walking maps (Pages 84, 85 & 86)
Guidance and research on producing a walking map. Urbanwalks were invited by the Department for Transport to be a member of the working group for walking maps.

Published: 20 June 2008
Download: PDF (1.3MB)

Welsh Assembly Government: Smarter Choices: Wales (Page 38)
Smarter Choices refers to a variety of transport methods and initiatives which reduce the negative impacts of travel on congestion, the environment and health in Wales.

Welsh Assembly Government commissioned Halcrow in 2006 to prepare this Smarter Choices best practice document for Wales.

Published: 01 February 2007
Download: PDF (2.8MB)

For more information on the above walking publications please contact Urbanwalks on 0161 728 1607 or email