The Health Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Reduces the risk of Coronary Heart Disease
Being physically active for 30 minutes a day, seven days a week can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease.

Reduces high blood pressure
Moderate intensity activity, such as brisk walking, appears to be at least as effective in reducing blood pressure as more vigorous activity.

Prevention of Diabetes
Exercise greatly reduces the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Helps reduce weight
Physical activity in combination with a healthy diet can help to reduce weight and maintain weight loss.

Mental health benefits
Activity can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps to improve self-confidence.

Reduces risk of falls
Especially in the elderly. Physical activity can improve balance, coordination and joint flexibility.

Prevents development of Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis in certain groups.

Increases strength in your heart, lungs and bones.

Improves your mobility and general wellbeing.

Provides you with more energy and promotes a better night’s sleep.