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Urbanwalks is a simple but effective concept designed to help people be more habitually active in their everyday local environments.

The patented design of the Urbanwalks leaflet uses a repeatable and uniquely branded format that promotes a cluster of local walks. The format encourages its application across a wide range of environments both urban and rural, and across sectors to allow for a variety of community interventions. Physical inactivity is now recognised as a significant problem and increasing burden to society as a whole.

Inactive individuals are at twice the risk of coronary heart disease compared to active individuals. Walking is fast becoming accepted as the best method to achieve a population level change in levels of physical activity.

Most people know the message - activity is good for them - but what has been lacking is a mechanism to empower them to achieve the current minimum recommended levels of activity.

The Urbanwalks range has been designed to tackle the common barriers to habitual activity and provides a branded and unique one-stop-shop approach to the design, marketing, and production of support material for activity promotion.