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Walking & Cycling Strategy Foreword
Executive Summary
A vision for Walking & Cycling
Seeing the bigger picture
Devlivering on the ground
Making Change
Setting the Goals
Further Information


We will make clear the crucial links with:
• Health – walking and cycling are not only modes of travel, they are also means of preventing ill-health;

• Policies for Children and Young People – including travel to school and leisure and Safe Routes to School;

• Sustainable Communities – enabling funding to be directed to walking and cycling schemes in Communities First areas;

• Road Safety – connecting with the key initiatives in the Road Safety Strategy for Wales;

• Environment – improving local air quality and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants;

• Planning and Development – taking account of land use planning policies and making best provision for pedestrians and cyclists;

• Tourism – recognising and reinforcing the contribution made by walking and cycling to tourism and the economy in Wales;

• Rights of Way – working with local authorities on improving Rights of Way;

• Sport – increase participation in walking and cycling based sports and leisure activities.

The Action Points are:
• Expand the scope of Exercise Referral Schemes to prescribe walking and cycling;

• Improve the promotion of walking and cycling through projects supported by the Inequalities in Health Fund;

• Deliver walking and cycling schemes through Communities First;

• Encourage cyclists to use lights and wear reflective clothing after dark;

• Educate cyclists to the benefits and limitations of helmets, with special emphasis on children and young people;

• Encourage cyclists to fit and use bells on their bicycles;

• Adopt cycle parking standards and include them within Unitary Development Plans – for commercial premises these standards should include cycle parking for both employees and visitors to the premises;

• Ensure that travel plan production and implementation is tied to all major development as part of agreement for planning consent under section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, with travel plans to include the provision of cycle parking in every case and shower and changing facilities in larger premises as appropriate;

• Ensure Unitary Development Plans, and the proposed Local Development Plans, Community Plans include policies for the protection and enhancement of green spaces to incorporate walking, cycling and horse riding routes and provision for the less able;

• Ensure Unitary Development Plans, the proposed Local Development Plans, Community Plans include policies for the safeguarding of disused railway lines in both rural and urban areas as routes for walkers, cyclists, the less able and where appropriate for horse riders;

• Assist the Wales Tourist Board in promoting walking and cycling tourism;

• Increase participation in cycle sports without adverse effects on the environment;

• Increase participation in walking-based sports;