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Carmarthenshire County Councils’ Parks and Countryside Unit is keen to develop a series of Urban Walks to promote the physical and mental well being of the people who live and work in the county. Carmarthen will be the first area to have a leaflet, followed by Ammanford, Pembrey & Burry Port and Llanelli. We hope the walks will prove popular with county council staff along with many others who live and work in these areas.

Even in a rural area like Carmarthenshire the majority of people no longer live or work in the countryside but spend most of their time in an urban environment. Most of us recognise the benefits of walking in the countryside, in order to keep fit, relax or simply get away from the stresses and strains of our everyday lives. Few of us, however, are aware of how beneficial just a few minutes brisk walking can be, wherever we live and work.

Urban walking is for most of us the easiest way to help maintain or improve our physical and mental health. There’s no need for special clothing or equipment and a walk can usually be fitted into our lives with a minimum of fuss and bother. Walking with friends may even improve your social life. Here are just a few ideas to get you walking.

• If you have to drive your children to school then why not walk the last half-mile or so and avoid the congested parking areas around the school?

• Get on and off the bus further from work and walk the last few stops instead – you can alter the length of the walk according to the time you have or how fit you’re feeling!

• At lunchtime give yourself a proper break from work with a brisk walk. You’ll get the physical benefits and feel more refreshed.

• Park the car further from your work place and walk in. If you work in the centre of town this may even be cheaper and easier.

For many of us the countryside is not at all easy to get to and we may not have, suitable clothing or footwear, so urban walking makes a lot of sense. If you are recovering from an illness or unsure how much exercise you need, then ask your doctor. But good basic advice is start slowly, build on your success – and don’t put yourself off by trying too much too soon.

Enjoy your walks and feel the benefits!

Contact Information
For more information on the Urbanwalks programme in Carmarthenshire please contact:

Martin Murray
Countryside Recreation Officer
Carmarthenshire County Council

01554 747533