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Walking and cycling offer healthy, accessible, convenient, and environmentally friendly ways of making local journeys. Almost all of us are pedestrians, at least for part of our journeys and part of our day. Many of us are cyclists, but in spite of the inherent and obvious advantages of walking and cycling, most of us use the car in preference. This strategy aims to maximise the opportunities afforded by walking and cycling and to point out the disadvantages of using private cars, particularly for short journeys. Around 8% of car journeys in Wales are less than 1 mile, 26% are under 2 miles and 58% are under 5 miles. For these distances walking and cycling can offer viable and attractive alternatives. The vision of the Welsh Assembly Government is to increase their role in how we travel in Wales.

How we choose to travel is important for our health, our environment and the economy. Walking and cycling can bring about tremendous health benefits to individuals through increasing the amount of physical activity we undertake.

Walking to the bus stop helps us use other environmentally friendly forms of transport. Altogether they will help to improve local air quality and reduce emissions that have a global impact. They form a vital part of tourism encouraging visitors to Wales. In terms of Welsh society, opening up walking and cycling facilities for everyone is an important element in creating equal opportunities, for example to meet the needs of disabled people and deprived communities.

Delivering the strategy will mean that the Welsh Assembly Government and its partners in local authorities, other parts of the public sector, the voluntary and private sector will have to work together in partnership to make change happen. The commitment already exists in large measure to bring about changes in all our travel patterns and behaviour.

The ultimate challenge is for each and every one of us to question our car dependent lifestyle and ask 'do I need to use the car for this journey'. This strategy is to help you answer 'No' and to take up walking and cycling instead.

by Andrew Davies AM
Minister for Economic Development and Transport