Welsh Assembly Government
Walking & Cycling Strategy Foreword
Executive Summary
A vision for Walking & Cycling
Seeing the bigger picture
Devlivering on the ground
Making Change
Setting the Goals
Further Information


Having described the Vision, the Bigger Picture and Action on the Ground, we look at ways of changing people's hearts and minds:
• Changing Attitudes – developing a high profile national campaign, supported by proposed Walking and Cycling Advisory Group;

• Individualised Marketing – established marketing techniques developed in Europe and Australia; the Welsh Assembly Government will pilot these in Wales;

• Learning from Others – support from UK's National TravelWise Association and European Union initiatives;

• In Town Without My Car – being championed by Welsh Assembly Government and local authorities;

• Bike Week – ensuring that Wales plays a full part in this UK initiative;

• Training Practitioners – proposals for an annual seminar;

• Travel Plans, providing materials and producing quality plans; develop "Safe Routes to Work".

The Action Points are:
• Develop a high-profile national publicity campaign to promote walking and cycling based on health and environmental benefits;

• Implement pilots of personalised travel planning projects in Wales;

• Champion 'In Town Without My Car Day' in Wales;

• Seek partners to provide an annual seminar series to share information with transport providers on the needs of walkers and cyclists and to develop ideas for design and implementation, promoting the benefits of walking and cycling;

• Develop Wales-wide material to assist in the production of school and employer travel plans;

• Consider setting up Walking and Cycling Advisory Group;

• Develop a Safe Routes to Work scheme as part of business travel plans.