Welsh Assembly Government
Walking & Cycling Strategy Foreword
Executive Summary
A vision for Walking & Cycling
Seeing the bigger picture
Devlivering on the ground
Making Change
Setting the Goals
Further Information


This is based on the rationale that there is significant scope.

• Targets – setting targets for cycling and walking;

• Monitoring – guidance for monitoring cycling and walking trips;

• Wales Programme for Improvement – adoption of performance indicators;

• Benchmarking – sharing knowledge and best practices;

• Funding Budgets – identifying key contributors.

The Action Points are:
• Triple the number of cycle trips by 2010 (on a 2000 base);

• Set appropriate targets for walking;

• Develop guidance for monitoring cycling and walking trips;

• Use performance indicators for the provision of walking and cycling infrastructure as part of the Wales Programme for Improvement;

• Implement a Regional Benchmarking initiative across Wales, in partnership with CTC.