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Urbanwalks Pilot for Wales 2004-2006
Urbanwalks are working with the Transport Directorate of the Welsh Assembly Government to deliver a national pilot programme that is looking to evaluate the use of the Urbanwalks walking leaflets across Wales. The leaflets are aimed at supporting individuals to be more habitually active within their own local environments and to enable them to meet the current recommended levels of physical activity set out in Climbing Higher. This action supports commitments made in the Walking and Cycling Strategy 2003.

The pilot began in November 2004 and runs until 31st March 2006 when it will be evaluated externally and consideration given to a further three-year licence agreement. The pilot aims to determine what works well and what doesn’t in relation to this particular approach to encourage populations to be more active in their local environment. The findings will inform a potential national rollout of the concept. The following gives an indication of the breakdown of actions within the pilot.

There are a number of key actions within the pilot including producing a variety of Urbanwalks leaflets based on identified local need, designing and delivering a training programme that allows users to map and design the leaflets themselves, producing a website for the pilot, launching the initiative, and evaluating the process.

The Urbanwalks pilot is just one of the many important steps that the Welsh Assembly Government and many other national and local organisations and individuals are currently undertaking in order to achieve the national vision set out in Climbing Higher:

“An active, healthy and inclusive Wales, where sport, active recreation and physical activity provide a common platform for participation, fun and achievement, which binds communities and the nation and where the outstanding environment of Wales is used sustainably to enhance confidence in ourselves and our place in the world”.

Time Frames
• November 2004 – Urbanwalks Pilot Briefing Days (1 North & Mid Wales and 1 South & Mid Wales)

• December 2004 – Expressions of interest and initial areas agreed with the Welsh Assembly Government

• January / February 2005 – Urbanwalks training delivered

• February / March 2005 – 5 leaflets mapped (including Cathays Park, Cardiff)

• April / May 2005 – Website goes live and pilot launched

• June 2005 / March 2006 – Other 13 leaflets identified and mapped (18 in total)

• January / March 2006 – Exit / Pilot Report / Evaluation Report