Welsh Assembly Government
Walking & Cycling Strategy Foreword
Executive Summary
A vision for Walking & Cycling
Seeing the bigger picture
Devlivering on the ground
Making Change
Setting the Goals
Further Information


• Increase levels of walking and cycling both through promotion and provision of facilities.

• Reflect the higher priority for walking and cycling in crosscutting policies, guidance and funding.

• Make walking and cycling both safer and more pleasant for all age groups.

• Change public attitudes towards walking and cycling in our society.

By increasing the levels of walking and cycling in Wales we improve the health of the population and the environment in which we live.

That will require a significant effort from everyone:
• Welsh Assembly Government;

• Local Authorities;

• Voluntary sector, eg Sustrans, CTC Cymru, Living Streets, and Ramblers’ Association.

In addition, there are initiatives being promoted by Department for Transport at UK level.
This Strategy has a number of key objectives. The vision for this strategy is to halt the decline in walking and cycling and to increase their role in how we travel in Wales.

Our Transport Framework for Wales has outlined three strategic objectives:
• Sustainable development;

• Tackling social disadvantage;

• Promoting equal opportunities.

For walking and cycling this means:
• Seeing the Bigger Picture – ensuring that all Welsh Assembly Government policies support the Walking and Cycling Strategy;

• Delivering on the Ground – incorporating best practice of sharing space and making routes accessible for people with disabilities;

• Making Change Happen – promoting walking and cycling based on health, environmental and economic benefits;

• Setting the Goals – agreeing targets and benchmarks for walking and cycling.