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30/06/2006 Welsh Assembly Government have announced their continued support of Urbanwalks throughout Wales
31/03/2006 Bilingual Urbanwalks booklets are available in Gwynedd, Carmarthenshire and Wrexham
31/03/2006 Urbanwalks complete the Welsh Assembly Government's Urbanwalks Pilot in Wales
19/05/2005 Deputy Minister launches Urbanwalks scheme
19/05/2005 Welcome to the Urbanwalks Welsh Pilot Website...
Deputy Minister launches Urbanwalks scheme

Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Transport Tamsin Dunwoody-Kneafsey today (19 May) launched a pilot scheme to encourage people in Wales to incorporate walking into their daily activity.

The Welsh Assembly Government has invested £30,000 to pilot and evaluate the Urbanwalks scheme in four locations across Wales - Carmarthen, Wrexham, Cardiff and Gwynedd. Each area will produce booklets of walks in their area, which will provide an easy and enjoyable way to be more active while getting to know more about some of Wales' historic towns and cities.

At today's launch in Carmarthen, Tamsin Dunwoody-Kneafsey said: "Research shows that the majority of car journeys in Wales are under five miles. For these distances, walking and cycling offer a viable and attractive alternative for people.

"The Welsh Assembly Government is keen to encourage people to increase levels of walking and cycling to help people become healthier as well as reduce the harmful effects of short car journeys on the environment. These booklets, which easily fit into your coat pocket, offer a variety of walking routes so that people are able to incorporate walking into their daily activity, reduce the number of short car journeys and improve their health as a result."

"The Urbanwalks scheme is an excellent example of how the Welsh Assembly Government is responding to Health Challenge Wales - the national focus for action to improve health in Wales."

Visit www.urbanwalks.co.uk/wales for more information about the scheme.