Welsh Pilot Project
Cathays Park Cardiff
Latest News
30/06/2006 Welsh Assembly Government have announced their continued support of Urbanwalks throughout Wales
31/03/2006 Bilingual Urbanwalks booklets are available in Gwynedd, Carmarthenshire and Wrexham
31/03/2006 Urbanwalks complete the Welsh Assembly Government's Urbanwalks Pilot in Wales
19/05/2005 Deputy Minister launches Urbanwalks scheme
19/05/2005 Welcome to the Urbanwalks Welsh Pilot Website...
Welcome to the Urbanwalks Welsh Pilot Website

The website’s main objective is to keep everybody in Wales updated on the progress of the Urbanwalks Pilot. It is also here so that anybody that is interested in the pilot or has any questions about the pilot can contact Urbanwalks or any of the other participating areas for more information.

The website will be updated every month with all the latest news about the pilot and the dates of when the leaflets for each area will be launched. Please make sure to visit the website again.

We welcome and appreciate your comments, questions and feedback.

Please send them to us at info@urbanwalks.co.uk